Accelerate your sales growth with predictive marketing analytics.

Custom first party measurement by the experts.

What we do

Metageni delivers more sales from your existing marketing budget.

Unlocking the value in our clients’ untapped first-party data, our custom approach to analytics generates precise insight to maximize marketing effectiveness. Increased efficiency, through more accurate marketing investment, is a proven strategy to grow your sales.

We combine our custom built AI marketing analytics solutions with expert guidance and support. This proven approach gives our clients the best possible opportunity to manage budget, optimize ROI and grow.

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    Our promise

    We deliver highly accurate customer prediction results which increase marketing effectiveness, sales and ROI. Liberating our clients from a dependence on the big media tech platforms by unlocking the value in their own untapped first-party data, we provide a unique blend of ongoing support from our expert analysts with customised AI powered data analytics, so you can optimise every single customer journey.

    Insights to action

    How do we work?


    We organise and integrate your marketing data.


    We collaborate with your marketing and data science team.


    We create a customised model considering your feedback and based on your marketing data.


    We provide smarter marketing decisions with recommended spend and support for your end users.


    We provide insights, actions and link analytics directly to marketing automation.

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