Award Winning AI Boosts Conversions

We developed AdaptGeni for adapting models to their Ecommerce customers. The impact was clear and in 2020 independent AB tests proved remarkable incremental lift in conversions. This led to Metageni + AO winning “Best Use of AI” in the London Ecommerce awards

We are delighted to now offer this solution to online retailers looking to boost their online conversion rates.

Patterns of visitor and customer behaviour can be detected from your first party data and using machine learning we can predict who will buy.  The model guides how you respond to customers to achieve an amazing uplift in conversions. Targeted nudges with additional marketing messages or promotions, can change behaviour and stimulate more sales.

Analyse, model, predict and then respond to your customer conversion funnel, in real time.

Key benefits

Once you use Machine Learning to predict outcomes you can respond to your customers on a case by case basis e.g. spotting when a potential customer is interested in a specific product but wavering before purchase; or another having trouble searching for a particular category. Linking predictive scoring to dynamic site features delivers AI level site personalisation.

Since you can see who is more likely to convert, you can devise ‘buy now’ stategies to pick up the borderline cases and close those less certain sales.

Each site feature and product offer helps or hinders sales. A valuable outcome of conversion prediction are ROI per feature reports so you can see what elements of the site to focus on, supporting site designers and commercial teams with data driven insight.

Our models are designed so that a specific customer can have a changing score within their visit, as the prediction responds and adapts to new behaviour data coming in.

Customer characteristics, as represented by GDPR compliant data about customer segments, locations, device use, repeat purchase patterns and product interests, can all be linked to sales through this type of model.

You can then target new customers through the major ad platforms like Facebook and Google based on what you know about their predicted likelihood to buy.

Our custom models can be deployed in live production environments whatever your tech stack.

Scores can be written back to CRM systems for activation via email and offers, or scored in real time via our API for onsite activation.

Is this for you?

  • AdaptGeni is a custom machine learning model which predicts which online visitors will take a future action, such as a purchase.
  • It is trained exclusively on your first party analytics data, predicting based on anonymous customer data and patterns of behaviour.
  • AdaptGeni models can linked to your website via an API for dynamic personalisation targeting conversion uplift.

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