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Metageni help giffgaff become data-driven

Telefonica brand giffgaff have worked with Metageni to develop data-driven analytics which combines and offline and online marketing, and cross-device attribution. The complete solution combined both offline media and online user journey data in a system of machine learning algorithms designed to predict sales. “This is an awesome piece of work. The feedback internally has […]

Huge growth follows machine learning attribution at Loveholidays

Loveholidays.com is a rapidly growing online travel agency. Travel is a sector which has a major marketing attribution challenge, facing all of the challenges that multi-touch attribution (MTA) tries to address – High levels of cross-device use with research on mobile and purchase on desktop Long complex customer journeys with extended research before booking Competitive […]

Evolutionary machine learning meets marketing analytics

In the past couple of years, we have been working with a genuinely game changing technique, which combines evolutionary computing with machine learning, to produce much more accurate predictive models. This allows us to achieve levels of predictive accuracy using ‘white box’ algorithms, which were previously unobtainable except by ensemble and non-transparent methods. For marketing […]

Cross device marketing: the attribution challenge you cannot ignore

Attribution across devices is one of the major measurement challenges for digital advertising particularly affecting how mobile and upper funnel activity is valued. Many choose to ignore the problem and plump for guesswork. Is this wise? And what are the best strategies for dealing with this key source of measurement bias? What exactly is the […]

Just how bad is your analytics data?

If you don’t know how bad your analytics data is, then the chances are, it is much worse than you think. With data analytics, it’s not the known data quality issues that will cause you the most trouble, not the known unknowns, but the ‘unknown unknowns’ – those issues you uncover and discover as you […]