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Getting from data to insight

Survey after survey tells us that organisations are still struggling to fully leverage big data to get to insight and data driven decision making, despite investing billions. One major commonly overlooked reason for this is the difficulty of bridging the gap between pure data analysis and actionable insight. The gap between data analysis and insight […]

Getting from insight to action

While getting from data to insight is challenging, the final hurdle for creating value is about translating insight into actions. Data insight can actually help boost sales, customer engagement and critical business KPIs, but only if it is actually translated into action. Insight to action is about people Most organisations are sitting on huge and […]

Find insight from the user journey

You interact with your users, customers and potential customers in so many ways, through many channels and at all stages in their journey. So, how do you use data to create insights which improve their experience and and grow your business? There are three broad approaches to this problem out there. These are: the digital […]