Search bidding based on whole funnel machine learning for higher search ROI

The most actionable insights are the ones that take action all by themselves, so you can ensure valuing every click yields measurable gains right away.

At Metageni we have developed our own approach to measuring and modelling the volatile and complex world of search and CPC bids, with successful results in independent client tests.

Keywords are clustered by performance and behaviours as well as type, and then evaluated according to ROI, CPC bid, and keyword position share, even for ‘long tail’ low volume keywords.

Bids are adjusted to push closer to an optimal ROI and position curve, so you do not have to rely on guesswork, spreadsheets and agencies to set your bids. You can also have your bid algorithm linked to the attributed funnel value of each click.

We recommend a test and learn approach to PPC search, with careful keyword and copy selection. You will need bed-in the algorithm for a few weeks to find the optimal bidding strategy. After that, custom trained machine learning ROI based bidding will ensure that you only pay for the search clicks at a price which is worth buying.

Key benefits –

Most PPC executives focus on optimising the overall account and the top few keywords within, applying a general bid policy or automated rule to the vast majority of keywords in the account. Our approach makes a bid decision on every keyword depending on what ROI and position behaviour it shows and what data-driven cluster it sits in. 

Link Bid Geni to Click Geni and you will bid to attributed click value and not the last click value – this is very important!  Furthermore, if your attribution model includes other channels then these will shape the final bid, so your search optimises the whole funnel.

Many systems rely too heavily on weak low volume signals with the result that bids jump up and down erratically, producing more unusable data and volatile performance. We have found our approach leads to less erratic bidding than other platform auto-bidding tools with great ROI results.

We model by device and incorporate device bid modifiers, so the system produces a recommended base bid plus device type bid modifier. That way you do not miss-bid on devices with very different click to sale rates. 

You want results which improve with more data over time. We use the performance data for continuous adjustment and learning, with new bid recommendations updated daily as new activity and conversion data comes in.

Is this for you?

  • Bid Geni is a custom search bidding algorithm continously trained on your search data, selecting the ROI maximising bids for every keyword.
  • It can be combined with Click Geni so that you bid against attributed click value, reflecting all your other digital marketing activity throughout the customer journey.
  • We work in close consultation with your marketing and analytics experts.
  • We offer free workshops around customer journey challenges, for brands who may be interested.
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