Toolstation Case Study

Case study:

Toolstation use Metageni to find + 29% offline sales driven by online research.

Analysis also revealed + 7.5% online revenue opportunities, and + 18% ROI opportunities.

Toolstation, one of the UK’s fastest growing providers of tools and building materials, has been working with Metageni for over a year deploying custom data driven attribution as well as market mix modelling, customer lifetime value and online to store attribution for the Toolstation branch network. 

In the last 12 months, Metageni’s attribution analysis has identified online revenue opportunities of 7.5% of total revenue from paid digital channels, across the trade and DIY business. Having also revealed that an additional 29% of conventional branch sales occur following online research, this made the optimisation of the online marketing activity all the more crucial for Toolstation. 

On top of this, by deploying Marketing Mix Modelling, Metageni & Toolstation unveiled +18% ROI opportunities which were used to cut through unprofitable activities and curate the 2022 budget ahead of the e-commerce downturn this year.

This enabled Toolstation to keep its CPO stable YoY despite a 6% contraction in sales this year and an environment of rising marketing costs across all sectors.

Metageni experts also help guide Toolstation to refine and balance their marketing investments to help drive ROI and hit sales targets in the most cost effective way.

Ryan Hill, Head of Digital at Toolstation, says,

“Metageni’s custom build approach to attribution analytics was essential for Toolstation because of the unique and complex nature of retail business. Our customers research online before picking up materials and equipment directly from one of our 550+ UK branches, and much of our marketing has been hard to evaluate until Metageni applied their custom analytics approach to our data.

A black box SaaS attribution tool could never be enough for the level of accuracy and actionable insight that we need to maintain efficient marketing in the current economic climate”.

Gabriel Hughes, Metageni CEO, remarked that,

“We always enjoy seeing our work validated in this way. At Metageni we have a strong team of data scientists and our own machine learning toolkit for the whole range of attribution challenges, so that we are confident of matching the most accurate and effective techniques to each and every client need and dataset.

Working with data intensive brands like Toolstation we bring a complimentary capability supporting their team with advice, analysis and data engineering for linking to marketing automation, and this helps us to maximise yield and business impact.”

Metageni continues to work with Toolstation into 2023 and beyond. 

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