Custom data driven digital attribution for all clicks plus impressions

People shop around when they buy online, so you need to ‘attribute’ (value) each click, to avoid wasting marketing money and missing opportunities. Imagine if you could correctly value every click and every marketing channel in the journey based on how it changes the probability of sale?

Accurate attribution using custom machine learning is our speciality since Metageni founder Gabriel Hughes developed the original positional attribution modelling tool in Google Analytics, while he was at Google.

Since then ‘data-driven’ models have become possible but the challenge is making sure these are relevant to your business, and not just a one size fits all black box model. Your attribution model is unique, so we offer a customised and fully supported solution adapted to your needs.

Key benefits

We use your first party analytics data to analyse all clicks to your site, so can include paid and organic search, social platforms, affiliates, email, video – indeed any visit to sale driver available. If you are not sure what we can measure, just ask: this is a custom build model.

Our custom attribution models incorporate impression data with addition modelling to statistically measure how social, display and video impressions drive brand search, direct visits and sales. These additional ‘impression models’ are reconciled and integrated with our custom ML attribution.

With third party cookies on the way out, you need a better way to attribute these channels.

We use custom machine learning trained on your data so you measure without relying on media tech platforms or agencies to ‘mark their own homework’. Our expert team will adapt the approach to your particular business attribution challenges.

This gives you confidence to invest your marketing budgets wisely.

This is machine learning but not ‘black box’ modelling – we provide insights into exactly how we attribute and the journey that each customer makes to sale.

Do you know how accurate your current attribution model is? Our models have objective measures of accuracy measured on hold out samples, and tracked and adapted over time, so you can see if yourself how good the model is, and reallocate your marketing spend with confidence.

Attribution by device leveraging your own tracking and our cross device inference model

Most attribution models treat all customers and purchases the same, which makes no sense. Adding in your customer and product data makes your attribution models even more accurate and yields valuable insights, so you can better understand how to target your marketing to different groups of potential buyers.

If you track call centre sales, we can attribute these just as well as ecommerce transactions, and have worked with most of the major call tracking providers.

We can run the model reports through our in house reporting system or you can use ours. We can also make attributed visit level signals available for your marketing tools such automated bidding. We can produce dynamic reports for any of the major visualisation tools and will create custom reports your business as needed, so you have exactly the data you need to take action.

Is this for you?

  • AttributionGeni is a custom designed and built attribution model and reporting pipeline built on your first-party analytics data.
  • Combine with MediaGeni econometrics to incorporate impressions and offline effects.
  • We work in close consultation with your marketing and analytics experts.
  • We offer free workshops around customer journey challenges, for brands who may be interested.
  • Interested to know more? Contact us:

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