What is the difference between custom attribution and data driven attribution? And why should marketing teams care?

A custom attribution approach is really a customer insight approach and trained on your data unlike a data driven (DDA) / out of the box SaaS solution.

That makes custom attribution:

1. Wildly more accurate at forecasting sales vs a DDA method. We see so many overforecasts of revenue from paid social spend from the SaaS tools which makes Meta happy but less so CFO’s who are expecting the revenue returns the tool promised.

2. Trained on your own customer segments. Imagine being able to understand the different touchpoints you need to convert a new customer vs get more sales from a repeat customer? And if you are prepared to pay more for a new customer and convert them to a repeat customer you can reallocate your marketing budget and significantly increase your ROI.

3. With custom attribution you can integrate impressions into your click based view to get a full funnel approach to your online sales without cookies. This will enable you to build full funnel digital marketing approaches, accurately measure the impact and avoid being pushed into sub optimal last click / bottom of the funnel approaches that don’t increase sales overall.

In summary: custom attribution is business insight led marketing measurement finely tuned to help you make day to day digital optimisations.

Watch the video for a more detailed explanation



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