Webinar recording: Meta Performance is Back! ..and so are the Challenges

Meta (Facebook and Instagram) have totally rebuilt their tech after the Apple privacy update IOS14 and Meta Ads are now working brilliantly again for those brands that know how to leverage the new ecosystem.

With reduced competition and improved targeting from Meta’s algorithm, Nest Commerce are now seeing 35% lower CPM and 48% higher conversion rates YoY across clients in Q2 of this year.

Despite better performance, however, there remain measurement challenges with Meta. This is especially true for brands relying on in-platform attribution (or, even worse, last click measurement).

Here’s Gabe Hughes, our founder, and Luke Jonas, Commercial Officer of Nest Commerce, talking about what they’re seeing now in terms of Meta performance, how best to measure Meta’s performance to understand its true growth potential and get you set up for the end of 2023 and into 2024 marketing budget setting season.

We hope you enjoyed the webinar!

For those of you who did not get the chance to ask questions, Metageni and Nest are offering Social Measurement Q&A sessions into September – just get in touch to book that up, by emailing hello@metageni.com and telling us a little about yourself, the brand and the measurement challenges you face.