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GA4 vs Universal Analytics for Ecommerce: the Good, the Bad and the downright Ugly!

Metageni works with a lot of forward thinking e-commerce businesses that have already transitioned to GA4 before the deadline of […]

Metageni Custom Reporting Demo

This video provides brief overview of the kinds of analysis that the Metageni team can produce as part of a […]

How custom attribution models actually work (and what they are!)

Marketing attribution, often referred to as Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) is a granular digital marketing measurement approach that evaluates each customer touch-point online, for its role in driving sales (for those new to the topic we have posted helpful links at the bottom). 

Social Media Marketing ROI: Overcoming the Toughest Challenge of Measuring Success

What is social media marketing ROI, and why is it so important? We discuss what you need to know about using data analytics and AI to measure and boost social media marketing ROI.

Why you need a custom attribution model for your online business

If you are a multi channel online advertiser then there has never been a better time to consider the custom […]

Choosing The Right Attribution Model

In marketing, it is essential to know which channels and campaigns are most effective and how they influence customers’ behaviour. […]

How Predictive Personalisation is Changing Ecommerce

Personalisation technology in the eCommerce and the digital space offers a way to take your products and services to the […]

Leveraging predictive analytics to help revive your ecommerce

Ecommerce providers are always looking for ways to better connect with potential buyers and provide the best possible experience for […]

The challenges of data driven leadership

What are the challenges of data driven leadership? To answer this question we first have to define leadership. Leadership and […]

How to measure your content strategy and build meaningful customer relationships?

Online brands struggle to build trust and confidence with new potential customers in today’s digital environment […]

Step up your 4’Ps with Marketing Mix Modelling

Today all retail sectors have an online presence and pure play online business is thriving. In the past when offline […]

Increase customer lifetime value with predictive analytics

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) provides your company with an estimate how much profit you will get from a customer over […]