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Taking on the Media Silos

TikTok has been the latest big tech media platform to release its own attribution measurement platform and like Google and […]

What is the ROI of Marketing Measurement?

Metageni are often asked, “Why should we spend on better measurement right now? What will be the return on a […]

What would happen if we just stopped marketing altogether?

Understanding marketing incrementality using experiments, MMM & attribution Marketing incrementality in marketing is much talked about, but far less acted […]

Cracking the Retail Media Attribution Code to Uncover the True ROI

Retail media is showing explosive growth. WARC’s recent report “Retail media’s path to consolidation”  highlights that it is the fastest […]

Why Market Mix Modelling is not the only way out of the cookie apocalypse

The death of third party cookies has been on the cards for several years but 2024 looks set to be […]

One size does not fit all
– why custom analysis wins

Why custom-build analytics platforms win over SaaS for marketing measurement In a marketing and ecommerce landscape which is complex and […]

We’re simply the best!

It was amazing to win the recognition of the Ecommerce Award for Best Ecommerce Support agency in 2023!  But this […]

Geni – your AI marketing analytics advisor

AI is at the heart of Metageni, so we are pleased to introduce Geni your AI marketing analytics advisor! Geni […]


Delighted to speak to Simon Kingsnorth as part of his excellent ‘For The Love of Marketing’ video podcast series. Naturally, […]

GA4 has arrived! – webinar

On July 1st 2023 standard Google Analytics accounts have all been switched over to GA4, with enterprise users now required […]

GA4 vs Universal Analytics for Ecommerce: the Good, the Bad and the downright Ugly!

Metageni works with a lot of forward thinking e-commerce businesses that have already transitioned to GA4 before the deadline of […]

Metageni Custom Reporting Demo

This video provides brief overview of the kinds of analysis that the Metageni team can produce as part of a […]

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